Golf Society Tips

Here are some useful tips for running your golf society!

  • 1
    Planning Your Golfing Calendar

    It is important to sit down early with your committee and work out suitable playing dates for the year ahead. Don't forget to find out the important dates in the calendar year so that you can avoid bank holidays, major sporting events etc.

  • 2
    Choosing Your Golf Courses

    Either visit our website or look through The Golf Society Bible to check out some of Ireland's top courses at some amazing rates. Remember to factor in travel time from your local to the course when choosing a suitable venue. If you still not sure where to play, why not contact a member of the My Golf Society team and they will be happy to recommend some courses suited to your society.

  • 3
    Making Your Bookings

    Contact My Golf Society as soon as you have decided on your dates and courses. Please note that the sooner you contact us the more chance you have of securing your desired dates and venues. My Golf Society provides your society with a free booking service and will ensure your society gets the best deals possible.

  • 4
    Creating A Timesheet/Online Booking

    Simply create a timesheet for each event through the My Golf Society Management System. This system allows your members to log into your society’s website and add themselves to the timesheet.

  • 5
    Updating Your Results

    Update your results after each outing. Your members will appreciate being able to monitor their individual progress throughout the year. This can be done through the My Golf Society Management System. It is also recommended to have a Golfer Of The Year competition, or a Match Play tournament to keep your members interested.

  • 6
    Managing Your Handicaps

    This area can often cause conflict amongst members so it is very important that you have a good system in place to keep track of it during the year. You can keep track of your society handicaps through the My Golf Society Management System.

  • 7

    My Golf Society recommend that you would keep the prizes within the means of your society. Set out a budget for prizes at the start of the year and stick to it with each event. Most societies will have a larger budget for the Captains Day prizes.

  • 8
    Enjoy Your Outing

    It is important that all your members are at the golf club around 30 minutes before your first tee time to have everything organised. This will ensure that the event runs smoothly, and that everyone will enjoy the outing.

  • 9
    Updating Your Website

    Once the event is over, remember to update your society website so your members can log in and view the results, images, comments etc. This will ensure that your members will continue to visit the society website throughout the year, cutting down on work for yourself as they will all be aware of what is going on with the society.


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